Saturday, 12 May 2012

New In 2012

Hey, Beliebers. How are you? (:
Before you read this, please take note that I'm true Beliebers. (:
No hater, pleasee . . .

I'm so happy right now . Because BOYFRIEND is come out on iTunes. . . That song is amazing and more than swaggg . . .

Wanna take a journey with me before BOYFRIEND came out? NO? So, why you still stalk my blog? If yes, let' scroll down . . . (:

We must choose one of this cover . . . :( It's too hard to choose because both of this picture very sexyhh . . .

Beliebers must vote this picture for cover by tweet this pic .

So, the winner is . . . .

Yeahh . . . I like this picture! So sexxaayhh . . .

This is what happen before and after boyfriend came out . . .
Let's take a journey . . .

credit : from the owner

credit : from the owner

Yup . . . That's me. . . Hihihi

credit : from the owner

credit : from the owner

Part of BOYFRIEND music video. . . (:

credit : from the owner

Part from the BOYFRIEND music video . He tease us. . hihi . . .

credit : from the owner

Justin work hard for "BOYFRIEND" . . . (:

Look. . . Justin got a cake! Coolioo . . .

So enough about "BOYFRIEND" . . . Now it''s about before and after Justin's 18 birthday. So, hope u enjoy ~

credit : from the owner

I send like a hundred tweets to justin just want to wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

credit : from the owner

Justin is OFICIALLY 18 . . . I can't believe it. . . . He already 18 :") Everyone grows up, right?

credit : from the owner

edit by me.

Look! Justin have amazing record. . . Thanks to other Beliebers . (:

Justin get 18 million followers in twitter on his birthday. . BELIEBERS are amazing (:
Dear Justin, I hope you always succeed in your career . . .

Another picture of justin

edit by me.

Let's play WeTopia. . . And look. . . Who is in that game ?? (:

credit to the owner.

Biebertella! Yummy. . . Have you guys tastes this? hihi . . .

credit to the owner

This is my future wedding . . And the middle picture is very important! hihi . . .

credit to the owner.

Can someone buy this for me?? I want this so badly. . hihi. . I wish this iBieber is exists

credit to the owner.

This is my future room. . . I wish this is my room

credit to the owner.

What?? You want go to BIEBERWOOD?? So do I . . . hihi . . .

credit to the owner.

I like this picture. . . Niceeee. . . . I'm proud be a belieber. . . How bout you? (:

credit to the owner.

ASDFGHJKLOWXVNSGW . . . . He so cuteeeee . . . .

credit from the owner.

Yuupp. This is me, that always think about Justin Bieber all the time. <3



credit to the owner

haha . . . true story ~

credit to the owner

Grrr . . . . Justin, I'm right here <3

credit to the owner

Le me ~ How bout you? <3

credit to the owner

hmm. . . True story . . Justin, when can I meet you ? ? ;o

credit to the owner

~ Someone never change in music video ~ <3

credit to the owner

haha . . I like this . . btw, yeah . . . Nobody's perfect (:

Justin Bieber sooooo HOTTT than sun <3

credit to the owner

I love this drawing ~ <3 It's all about Justin Bieber . . .



Turn to you on iTunes right now . . . This song is for mother's day, And especially for single mother out there. . . This song makes me cry. . . :")

credit to the owner

aawww. . . . . #TurnToYou

credit to the owner

*le me cry again*



credit to the owner

Jazmyn and Jaxon got their smile from Justin Bieber . . . Sooo CUTE

credit to the owner

Ok , BRB. . . I want cry. . . :")

credit to the owner

2010 - Somebody To Love
2011 - Boyfriend

credit to the owner

:O I hope BIEBER phone is exist . . . hihi . . . <3

credit to the owner

He's our Buzz Light year that fly across the globe . . . <3

credit to the owner

YEAHHH . . . I'm sooooo excited too . . . #BelieveIsComing

credit to the owner

hahaha . . . That's me when I see Justin in TV. . .

credit to the owner

I love this eye. . . From "One Time", and now "Boyfriend". . . :")

Bahahaha . . . Only Beliebers know what is "jerry". . . <3

credit to the owner

All this girl are from Justin's music video. If someone ask me to choose the best girl, I'll choose . . . Jasmine . . . from Baby video ~ <3

So, I'll stop here. . . Thanks for follow me, like and comment . . . . (: I hope Justin Bieber will notice this blog ! <3

I'll post about Justin, soon. . . Very-very soon . . . (: Just wait and see ~

Who can't wait for BELIEVE TOUR???? *_*

BYE - BYE . . . SWAG <3

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

about justin bieber


Full name : Justin Drew Mallette Bieber
Was born : March 1 1994 at 12:56a.m
He live in Stratford,Ontario,Canada.(where he spent most of his childhood).
He attended Avon Public School,BedFord Public School, and Downie Central Public School, but ended up dropping out to be home schooled.
His mom,Pattie,Used to help him out on his youtube account,Kidrauhl.But now his manadment is in charge for the channel.
He started drumming at age 2 but didn't really learn till he was 4. Other then being a great musician he also has made videos demonstrating his soccer,hockey,basketball,and golf skills.And he also likes skateboarding.
Justin got Discovered on Youtube by Scooter Braun, who contacted his family.He flew ustin to Atlanta, where he performed "U got it bad" by Usher. Usher wanted to sign him right then and there,but Justin also had a meeting with Justin Timberlake.But in the end Justin got signed with Def Jam."It turned out Usher's Deal was way better,"he says. On July 8,at age 14 Justin Moved to Brookhaven,Atlanta,Georgia,USA that way he could start his singing career.

Other fact about justin:
-his favorite drink is vitamin water
-his favorite food is spaghetti
-his favorite color is baby blue. favorite to wear- purple.
-his favorite number is 6
-he likes cherry cheese cake
-his favorite hockey team the the Maple Leafs
-his favorite candy is sour patch kids.
-his favorite cereal is captain crunch

Dear, justin bieber, if u read this blog,
please dont think that im poser to do this blog. Im just a true beliebers... (:

Justin, I'm waiting to get your signature like this.... I hope one day, I can get your signature... :")

Justin, can I own that purple jacket?? heheh.... :")


Yeahh... I want meet with Usher too. :") Yeahh man.... *usher voice*

aawww...... So cute.... I want meet with that Dolphin too..... heheh..... :)

I hope I can buy that supra shoes..... same as yours..... :")

When Im saw this picture, I was screaming!!!! because, I want that too!!! :")

I want play piano with you..... even though I dont know how to play.... :)

Please don't separate their love.... :) Justin and Selena... love this pic.

I love your eyes..... so funny... XD

haha.... finally, u got white mustache..... XD

Bieber and lil' beadles... (:

aww.... u and jazmyn so cute...... plz say to her that i love her from me, hanis. (: cute!!!!!!!!!!!.... (: I do as my background twitter... follow me~ hanis

When u smile... I smile.... cute!!! :)

Can I have your iPhone?? heheh.... XD

I always want my name on the jacket or sweater.... btw, cool. #swag....

awww...... so cute!!!!!! :)

Yushh!!! your eye so scary!!!! zombie.... u say that u want wear for halloween, rite? haha...

Justin, i like this picture..... very2 nice.... (:

I wish that u play guitar and sing to me..... (:

ok, this pic. cute too... jazmyn, justy and jaxon...... (:

OK, flashback time.... seriously, u so cute!!! ^.^

you know, that i really-really want this calendar 2012... :")
but, i dont know how to get it from...
because im from Malaysia..... :")

i want this too.... :") I dont know it sell in malaysia or not.... :")

aawww..... I wish that I can ride that car with you.... :")

aawww..... u so kind that u give this car to ryan..... (:
I want too.... XD

LOVE ME, love me, say that u love me, justin.... (:
love me, justin, as your fan.... and please remember me..... (:

OK, I will write until here.... maybe u bored, justin....
and maybe stalker bored too........
I will post another time....... bye2, justin and stalker.... <3


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